Workplace Wellness

Stress related sick leave is a significant issue for all workplaces including the Early Years Sector. A proactive approach is more effective than a reactive one as it prevents the situation from getting to a crisis point. If Educators are equipped with the knowledge about how to alleviate stress gradually during the work day and also how to replenish themselves outside the workplace they will successfully manage the stress associated with the important role of caring and developing babies, toddlers and young children.

3EY, in partnership with OTi, offers a 3 hour workshop on workplace wellness. The course content includes recognising stress in yourself and others, the impact of stress on health and wellbeing, workplace wellness strategies and de-stressing techniques outside of work. This is a good start in ensuring practitioners take a proactive approach and include self-care in their daily routine.

More in-depth courses are available to Early Years Education Providers through OTi’s workplace wellness programme.

The workshop is currently being delivered entirely online. A Certificate of Attendance will be provided to all those who take part. Email us at to enquire about the next course. This is available for individual bookings or providers who wish to book several places.

Early Years CPD